York, Austin Friars A8, 364 - De radiis stellarum(?); Liber sacer (?);

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From http://duke.usask.ca/~frk302/MSS/sbh.htm:

Shelf Mark: York, Austin Friars A8, 364

Author(s): Alkanus(?); Peter Abelard; Honorius (?); Thomas Erghome (owner, donor); al-Kindi;

Title(s): De radiis stellarum(?); Liber sacer (?); Liber lune; Liber imaginum veneris

Date: Pre 1400

Language(s): Latin

a. Liber ymaginum lune (Cf. A8.375 b-c; see Pingree 82.)[quite likely this is the Liber Lune]
b. liber ymaginum veneris.
c. liber radiorum (Possibly Alkindi, De radiis stellarum (362g)
d. liber prestigiorum Alkani philosophi (Poss. the Alkanus of Thorndike HMES II.794; or Adelard of Bath; see C.S.F. Burnett, ed., Adelard of Bath, London 1987, 195.)
e. liber sacratus Petri Abellardi [I would think, given the contents, that this is the Liber sacer, the Sworne Book of Honorius.]
Catalogued under the heading "Prophecie et Supersticiosa."

History: From the catalogue of the Library of the Austin Friars of York, 1372 and Later. The catalogue likely completed by the early 15th century. It is divided into two hands, one for Erghome's books and the other for the library. Also a later hand for Buckwode's items and later additions. "The inventory is divided according to the following subjects: Bible*, Historie Scolastice, Textus Biblie glosati,* Postille, Concordancie et interpretationes nominum Hebreorum, Originalia, Excerpta subscriptorum,* Historie gentium, Summe doctorum, Scripta super Sententias, Quodlibeta et questiones,* Tabule,* Logicalia et philosophia cum scriptis et commentis,* Philosophica Aristotelis,* Prohecie et supersticiosa,** Astronomia et Astrologia,* Instrumenta Astrologica magistri Johannis Erghome, Libri diuini oficii magistri Johannis Erghome, Jura ciuilia,* Jura cononica et leges humane,** Jura canonica, Auctores et philosophi extranei,* Grammatica,* Rhetorica,* Medicina,* Hystorie et Cronice, Sermones et materie sermonum,* Summe morales doctorum et sermones, Arsmetrica,** Mustica,** Geometrica,** Perspectiua**..... Erghome books are entered under 16 of the 24 subjects(*) (excluding the instruments and service books); 9 sections are specifically devoted to Erghome so that his collections set the pattern for the latter half of the catalogue(**)." (Humphreys, p xxvi) Erghome's gift made this an important centre for scholarship (Ibid., xxviii)

Bibliography: K.W. Humphreys, ed., The Friars' Libraries (London: British Library in Association with the British Acedemy, 1900).
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