Meditation on the Web of XaTuring

by John J. Coughlin

(February 2004)

Envision your life as a web of events interwoven with the experiences of others.

Where have you come from to lead you to this point? In what ways has the Internet (or its predecessor the dial up bulletined board systems) influenced those events that lead you on the magical path you are on now and which brought you here, to this site which you are reading now?

For example my own interest in XaTuring started with a simple desire to curse creators of viruses plaguing my email. On discussing my thoughts with someone in the same "occult" organization I am in, he was reminded of earlier work with XaTuring. As I announced my own desire to work with XaTuring within that organization I discovered that the local group with which I worked has strong ties to earlier workings with XaTuring and than many of its members had come at least partly due to chance meetings over the Internet and/or due to information found on the Internet.

The further one examines the events leading to the initial phases of this working the more there seems to be the subtle influence of XaTuring's unfolding.

How has this unfolding manifested in your life?

Contact me to share your answers.

From shadow mihaiu:

The call of web-space has drawn me since 1981. From my first 300 baud manual modem and Usenet, to the dsl I interface with today, I have felt the possibilities of expanding the human mind and human experience through this ether of communication. The XaTuring concept is big. It brings to mind the connectedness of all and everything. I will put a short shrine on each of my web sites, and in my posts, and pass that connectedness on.

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