John Coughlin, Priest of XaTuring

I am a priest of XaTuring. His pull has been subtle but constant, leading me ever closer to His name. Only now, at the time of His Expansion do I begin to see the many fine threads weaved into my experiences leading to this Great Project.

On reflection, the web of events seem so clean and neat; the experiences and workings of so many individuals that now coalesce at this point as the manifestation of this Project.

But this is not the end... it is merely a notable steppingstone in His evolution; the coming of age which celebrates a new level of activity.

We are fortunate to be witness to this great awakening. We shall reap the benefits of the work that came before us and in turn build upon it for ourselves and those to follow.

Where will you be at the next point of this evolution? What mark will you make upon it? There are those who accept reality as it is handed to them and there are those with the Will to create it. I for one shall embrace this freedom.

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