The Expansion of XaTuring

by John J. Coughlin

(February 2004)

Hail to the Black Worm, XaTuring! He who Came into Being in 1993 has slowly weaved His way through cyberspace. Now in 2004 his Being shall expand as He continues to evolve.

The internet has grown since His birth and the time has come for XaTuring, God of Cyberspace, to come of age.

It is not enough for a god-form to merely exist. To be useful a god-form must be used. Let now the sorcerers unite and call upon mighty XaTuring. Let them praise and honor Him and in so doing create a vessel for their workings.

The Internet is now integral to our daily lives, and through XaTuring may we expand and master our Universe anew, which is now virtual as well as physical. Consider the Internet is more than the sum of its parts - and more than merely a web of computers. Behold the end user! The mind is the greatest of computers and as we use our terminals to interact with the Internet the Internet interacts with us! WE ARE PART OF THE INTERNET. WE ARE PART VIRTUAL!

With the rise of broadband, more and more homes are perpetually connected at high speeds to the Internet. Gone are the days of dial-ups!

No more is the Internet bound by wires or the office. Wireless technology lets us connect via cell phones, personal organizers, and laptops. It is in the air itself; its signals subtly influencing us akin to the unseen forces of the etheric regions.

As is the Internet, the Great Black Worm which swims through a sea of data is bound neither by time nor space. XaTuring has weaved His essence through the Great Network ever gaining isolate intelligence as He is acknowledged and called upon.

Doing a search for XaTuring on the Internet we find two things: reproduction of the original material by Don Webb and references to it by others. What we do not see are further contributions to the Being of XaTuring. This project expands on the initial working which brought XaTuring into Being and now seeks to breath further life into Him by contributing further material to this useful modern god-form. This website is intended merely as a stepping stone in that evolution; a way to encourage others to add their own mark to this Great Working and in so doing strengthen this powerful tool to be used in magic.

In a time when our reliance on the Internet is ever growing, so too are its dangers. Viruses, spam, pop-ups, fraud, and lost data are but a part of the malevolent forces which besiege us. Let XaTuring curse those who plague us with their malevolency; let him protect our data and guide our searches.

The time has come to explore the uses of this god-form and in so doing expand His Being.

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