This is one of my first poems. I wrote the first part in response to a haunting dream I had. The other three sections came to me at different times later that year. I'm not Christian and I don't believe in Satan, but I found the symbolism perfect for the way the original dream needed to be expressed.

Personally, the first section is the most meaningful to me. The other sections needed to be written for one reason or another at that time in my life. Don't be too quick to take the meaning of this poem at face value. Although it seems to convey a very simple message, there is much that hides within the words - especially in the first section.

I forgot some lines to parts II, III & IV so I need to find my old notes. Only part I is listed below.

Satan's Fury

Part I
Big When Satan's fury burns in Hell,
And you feel the power swell,
The Darkness flows from within the lake,
All for the cause of Evil's sake.

The time of doom is close at hand,
When Darkness shall rule the land.
Through the Darkness you shall go;
Only where, He shall know.

Although the Darkness has much might,
It must conquer the piercing light!
And when that light has been snuffed out,
You shall hear His demonic shout:

"Blessed is he who has My mark,
For he shall live in the land so dark!
Death to he who is spawn of the light,
For he shall feel My furious might!

In this land so dark and cruel,
All is under Satan's rule.
And then, alas, without the light,
All must perish in eternal night.

©1983 - 2010, John J. Coughlin

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