As I was writing this, the words flowed freely in a way I have not seen in some time. Then, suddenly, it ended. I could feel there was more to write, but the words were not there. Perhaps it is simply writer's block, or perhaps this poem reflects where I stand in life right now.

Either way, with hopes of adding more to this one day, I leave it as an unfinished work.


Gray skies slowly darken
As the sunlight fades away.
I sit here alone in the twilight,
Amidst a landscape of gray

Shadows reach out grasping,
The coldness stills the air,
I glance down upon the lake before me
To the reflection at which I stare.

What image is this before me?
Whose eyes burn into mine?
Vague recollections taunt me
Of what I left behind.

Each path that I have chosen
Leads me places I know not where.
Despite my better judgement
I simply do not care.

What roads have I not traveled?
What lessons have I to learn?
As the shadows creep yet closer,
There is so much that I still yearn.

(To be continued?)

(4/98), ©1998, 1999, 2010 John J. Coughlin

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