Want to show off your nails or design? E-mail me one or two pictures and I will be happy to display them here. I can include your e-mail address and a link to your web page as well as a brief description. Pictures can include more than just your hands (face, etc) as long as your fingernails are clearly visible. I also will not be censoring pictures unless you ask me so be careful what you send!!

This is an experimental section so if it is not used it will be tossed. Photos may need to be edited to decrease bandwidth and fit well on the page. I may be able to scan pictures for you so if you don't have a scanner check with me.

And now, on to the pictures! Click on the thumbnails (is that a pun?) to view the larger image.

Click to see full size Here are some sharp claws from the lovely Catherine Starr. General pics (as well as pics of a neat neon green duck) can be found on her web page.

Click to see full size A shot of the nails of your host, the Dark Wyccan, at a company party. They are usually longer but I am in the process of growing them back after cutting them.

Click to see full size These nice claws belong to C.J. Clark. You can also check out his web page.

Click to see full size I almost spit out my tea when I got the e-mail for this one. These are the impressive nails of Xene, Alien/Dog Hybrid. You can also check out Xene's web page when you are in an odd mood.

Click to see full size These are the nails of a gentleman named Tony Page.

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