Different translation of Arbatel from Turner's translation

Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet. Includes Fourth Book of Agrippa, Bacon's Roman Secret and Other Spells, Arbatel of magick, Spells, Experiments, Conjurations, etc. (post 1594)

Different translation of Arbatel from Turner's translation

Postby John J. Coughlin » Wed Mar 28, 2007 11:41 am

From http://www.esotericarchives.com/solomon/arbatel.htm:

There is another English translation in MSS, Sloane 3851, fol. 10r-29v. It is apparently independent of Turner's translation. There is a note on fol. 2v that "this book is the handwriting of one Mr. Arthur Gauntlet, who professed physic [i.e. medicine], and lived about Gray's Inn Lane." The endsheet also has the words "Ann Savadge is Roseman, Aune (?)." Another interesting feature of this manuscript is that it includes a drawing of the "Seal of Secrets" (aphorism 27) which is described but not shown in any other version I've seen.

The diagram on the title page — with the names Saturiel, Ioviel, Gabriel, Oriel, and Pomiel — did not appear in the original Latin or Turner's edition, but is here supplied from the edition of Andreas Luppius, Wesel, 1686. Luppius' edition has other innovations which I have not chosen to incorporate at this time.
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