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Includes Sepher Raziel source and Roger Bacon's Thesaurus Spirituum as well as an uncataloged version of Sworne Booke of Honorius (Liber Juratus)

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British Library MS. Sloane 3853.
Paper. Quarto. 268 folios. 17th Century.

1. Tractatus cui titulus, Thesaurus Spiritum, secundum Robertum Furconem et
Rogerum Bacon, cum tabula contentorum et prologo praemissis. ff.3-45.
[Begins]: "Haec est doctrina omnium experimentorum".
2. Liber qui vocature Sephar Rasiel [Imperfect]. ff.46-53.
[Begins] "Incipio scribere istum librorum qui vocatur Sephar Rasiel".
3. Experimenta plurima magica. ff.54-63, 70-120.
4. The book of consecration. ff.64-69.
5. De spiritibus, solaribus, in figuris delineatis. ff.120v-127.
6. The divine Seal of Solomon. f.127v.
7. Invocationes, orationes, etc. f.129-137.
8. Tractatus qui vocatur, Speculum quatuor Regum. ff,138-141.
[Begins]: "Dic inprimis hanc orationem".
9. Processus magici, excitationes spirituum, etc. ff.142-174.
10. A magical book called the Dannet, containing various magical experiments.
[Begins]: "This is the doctrine of all experiments in generall".
11. The book of the science "of nygromancie". ff.219v-241.
[Begins]: "Here beginnethe the boke of the sience of nygromancie by the which
sience thou mayst worke yf thou wylt by daye as by nyght".
12. De sigillis planetarum, etc. f.243.
13. Conjurations, etc. ff.245v-252, 253-256.
14. Of the Offices of Spirits. ff.257-264.
15. Experimenta quaedeam magica. f.266.

Sekhet-Maat Lodge (OTO) Library has it indexed as:
fo.1 Thesaurus Spirituum of Roger Bakon
fo.41 Liber Qui Vogator Raziel
fo.82 Varia Magica
fo.94 The Book of Consecration
fo.103 Experimenta Masgica
fo.159b De Spiritibus Metallorum
fo.163b The Divine Seal of Solomon
fo.164 Orations, Invocations, etc.
fo.174 Tractatio de Speculo - 4 Regus
fo.178 Processius Magica
fo.212 A Book Called the Dannel
fo.156b The Science of Necromancy
fo.281 De Sigillus Planetarum
fo.295 The Offices of Spirits
fo.166 Liber Razielis
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another index of this MS

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Sloane Ms 3853
17th cent. 268ff. Quarto.
A book of conjurations, spells, experiments and magical treatises including:
1. Thesaurus spiritum, secundum Robertum Torcorum et Rogerum Bacon… ff.3-48.
2. [Salomon]. Cepher Raziel. ff.46-53.
3. Experiments. ff.54-63, 70-120.
4. The booke of consecration. ff.64-69.
5. De spiritibus solaribus. ff.120v-127.
6. The divine seal of Solomon. f.127v.
7. Invocations, orations, etc. ff.129-137.
8. Speculum quatuor Regum. ff.138-141.
9. Processus magici, excitations spirituum, etc. ff.142-174.
10. A magical book called the Dannet. ff.176-219.
11. Of nygromancie. ff.219v-241.
12. De sigillis planetorum, etc. f.243.
13. Conjurations etc. ff.245v-252, 253-256.
14. Of the offices of spirits. ff.257-264.
15. Experiments. f.268.
Sloane Ms 3854
14th-17th cent. 139ff. Quarto.
Miscellany including:
2. Conjurationes plurissiae, de diversis. ff.8v-67.
3. The boke of consecrations. ff.68-76.
8. Aristotle. Iber spirtualium.
9. Honorii, Magistri Thebarum. Juratus. ff.112-139.
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