Ms. Description

17th cent. Miscellany, with 42 items including notes on natural magic, astrology, magical rings, and sigils.

Ms. Description

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Sloane Ms 3822
17th cent. 175ff. Folio.
Miscellany, with 42 items including:
1. Astrological schemes, calculations, accounts of magical rings and sigils by Dr [Simon] Forman etc, some of which are in the handwriting of Elias Ashmole. ff.3-34.
2. A prayer before the putting on of any sigil, by Sir Thomas Myddleton. f.75.
3. Letter re a trunk of Arcana. f.18.
5. Geber. De mirandis effectibus signarum septem planetorum.
7. Flavii Africi. De setem herbis. f.59v.
11. De magica natural. ff.76-79.
12. Drawings of sigils. f.80.
20. Descriptions of magical seals, rings, amulets, with their impressions. ff.94-102.
21. Simon Forman. Translation of Artefius’ ‘Clavis majoris Sapientiae. ff.103-114.
32. Letter to Ashmole re a magical ring. f.162.
36. A strange sight in Cornwall, 1681. f.167.
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