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Alchemical; Paper. Quarto.

Ms. Description

Postby John J. Coughlin » Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:13 pm

British Library MS. Harley 1038.
Paper. Quarto.

1. Extractio Animae Solis: or a Triall upon Sol, for the Extraction of Philosophical earth. The Author has putt down his Experiments therein, from the beginning to the end, by way of Journal; from 4 Jan 1609/10 to 10 June 1611.
2. A Journal of his Process with Luna; from the 20th of June 1610 to the 10th of January following, when the Author found a Whyte Earth, which is the Second Earth of the Philosophers; which he reserved, in order to make the Composition of the Philosophers. f.11.
3. Opus [Luna] ex [Mercurio] Philosophico secundo. Containing the Authors Experiments from the 9th of June A.D. .... to the 15th of February next ensuing (by which time the Author seems not to have gained what he sought for; tho' at the 4th of October he writes thus - his Coller was very Celestiall , and such as I trust in my God to have found the fruition of my Labor).
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