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Key of Solomon (Italian and Latin). Late 18th century. Includes Ars Notoria.

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Stacking Code: MS4668
Reference Number: MS.4668
Title: Pseudo-Solomon
Date: c. 1775
Acquisition Purchased: 1933.
AccNo: 66393

Description: Clavicula, in Italian and Latin: preceded by 'Tre tavole di Livio Agrippa'. Illustrated by numerous pen-drawings of magical figures, sigils, talismans, etc. The directions have been translated into Italian, but the prayers and invocations, etc. have been left in Latin. The first 7 pp. contain the 'Tre tavole'. These are described as 'Una per sapere quali sono gli anni climaterici, l'altra per sapere qual pianeta domina ... et l'altra per sapere ... a che ora leva il Sole e quando fara la Luna'. On p. 2 is the Library stamp of 'Comes Hercules Silva' [1756-1840]. Inserted loose in this MS. are 10 leaves (8vo. 19½ × 14½ cm.) containing on the rectos a transcript of a magical MS. in purple ink, written c. 1920 possibly by Lionel Hauser of Paris, though the copy of the 'Clavicula' does not contain his usual press-mark label 'L.H.' with a number. The first leaf is headed: 'Manuscrit sur vélin de forme triangulaire avec figures, prêté par M. Potier avec les caractères ci joint'. Below are rough pen-drawings of the four 'figures'. The next leaf contains a key to the magical cypher-alphabet in which the MS. is written. On the following 8 leaves is the transcript. It is headed (P. 1) 'Ex dono sapientissimi / comitis St. Germain / qui orbem terrarum percucurrit. (P. 2) La magie sainte révelée / à Mole [? Moise] retrouvée dans / un monument egipti / en precieusem / ent conservée / en Asie sous / le dévise / d'un / dragon / ailé ....'
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