Ms. Description

Various Alchemical manuscripts; 112 folios. Paper. 215x146mm. 15th Century.

Ms. Description

Postby John J. Coughlin » Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:00 pm

British Library MS. Harley 5403.
112 folios. Paper. 215x146mm. 15th Century.

1. f1-11r [Alchemical fragments in Latin.]
2. f16r-37r [German treatise on the transmutation of the elements.]
3. f37v Ein Recept des Johannes Ediling.
4. f72r Practica Domini Cimonis Treverensis Archiepiscopi, quam emit 2000 Florinis.
5. f93 Henricus Domar de Heidelberg.
6. f100r Practica iohannis de Cassil...
7. f102v Chemisches Recepte per dominum nycolaum de Birkenvelt. [In German and Latin.]
8. f112 Ein Recept Gold smedig zu machin.
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