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PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2004 3:11 pm
by John J. Coughlin

British Library MS. Sloane 3846.
Paper. Quarto. 186 folios. 17th Century.

Item 18. ff.129-157.
Liber Salomonis, called Cephar Raziel, containing seven treatises, said to be
written by William Parry of Clifford's Inn in 1564. ff.129-157.
[The text in English is the same as in MS. Sloane 3826].

better index

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:12 am
by John J. Coughlin
Sloane Ms 3846
17th cent. 186ff. Quarto.
Magical collections. 22 items including:
1. Agrippa. Book of Occult Philosophy. Excerpts re the four elements. ff.7-12.
2. Receipts. ff.12-23.
3-4. Experiments. ff.24-30.
5. Sigils. ff.32v-58.
6. Crystals. ff.58v-74.
7. Arnald of Villanova. Hora sigilla. ff.75-70.
8. Experiments. ff.79v-86.
9. De imaginibus. ff.86v-93.
10. William Bacon. Experiments. ff.93v-98.
11. The manner of gathering the Hassall rodds. f.98v.
12. Of rings etc. ff.100v-106.
13. Calls and invocations. f.107.
14. A charm for toothache. f.111.
15. A call used by one John a Windor, of Newbury. f.111v.
16. Excerpts from Mr Aubray’s Collections of Dreams. f.112v.
17. Poetry. ff.114-123.
18. Liber Salomonis. ff.127-155.
19. The rule of the book of consecration. ff.156v-160.
20. Magical directions. ff.170v-178.
21. Liber Luna. ff.170v-178.
22. Pauca quaedem ex Adelbardo Balhonienci. ff.179-186.