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by John J. Coughlin
(From Sekhet-Maat Lodge (OTO) Library)

fo.1 The Book of King Solomon Called The Key of Knowledge
fo.22 "A Worthy Specimen of the Great Catastrophe that Hangs Over the Wold, Revealed by the Holy Ghost, and Set Forth in a Very Short and True Narrative"
fo.40 A Mysterious Discourse Relating to Ye Philosophers' Stone by E.K.
fo.51 The Flying Atalanta, or Philosophical Emblems of the Secrets of Nature by Michael Majerus
fo.103 Various Spells
fo.105 Herbals, etc.
fo.177 The Cruelty of Ye Dutch at Amboyna

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by John J. Coughlin

MS. Sloane 3645.
Paper. Folio. 185 folios. 17th Century.
1. The booke of King Solomon called The Key of Knowledge. ff.1-21.
2. A Mysterious discourse relating to the Philosopher stone, by Ed. Kelley. ff. 22-38.
3. The practise how to draw the vegetable spirit the first mover of nature in vegetables, by George Ripley, together with excerpts from Raymond Lully's works. f.39.
4. Raymund Lully's book entitled, De quinta Essentia, translated by Roger Bacon, or rather some excerpts from it. ff.43-49.
Printed in Latin, Argent, 1541.
5. The flying Atalanta or Philosophical emblems of the secrets of nature by Michael Majer. ff.50-101.
Printed in Latin, 4to Oppenh. 1618.
7. Medical, chymical and other receipts. ff.104-168.
8. The use of the weapon salve by R. Fludd. f.169.

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by John J. Coughlin

British Library MS. Sloane 3645.
Here beginneth the Booke of King Solomon called the Key of Knowledge.
[13 short chapters with text in English.]
Ch 1 What Orations and Prayers ought to be said before you worke.
Ch 2 Of the Confession before you worke.
Ch 3 Of your Conjuration with a Malediction thereunto belonging.
Ch 4 Of Pentacles and how they ought to be made.
Ch 5 Of the way how to worke.
Ch 6 For things Stolne.
Ch 7 For to be Invisible.
Ch 8 For Love how they ought to be prepared.
Ch 9 For to make a woman dreame of Thee.
Ch 10 Of Experiments of Favor and Friendship.
Ch 11 Of Experiments of Hatred and Malice.
Ch 12 For to faiyne a thing to be true which indeed is false.
Ch 13 Of Extraordinary Experiments and how they are prepared.

Here beginneth the Second Booke of the Key of Knowledge of Solomon.
[22 short chapters in English.]
Ch 1 Here followeth in what hower Experiments ought to be done.
Ch 2 Here followeth how the Conjurer ought to behave himselfe.
Ch 3 How his Fellowes must behave themselves.
Ch 4 Of Fasting and Watch.
Ch 5 Of Bathes, how they must be made.
Ch 6 The Blessing of the Salt.
Ch 7 Here followeth of Apparrell and Shoes.
Ch 8 Here followeth of the Knife required in this Arte, and how itt must bee made.
Ch 9 Here followeth how Circles must be made and how you must enter
into them.
Ch 10 Here followeth of Water and Ysope.
Ch 11 Here followeth of Ysope.
Ch 12 Here followeth of Fyer and Lighte.
Ch 13 Here followeth of Penn and Inke.
Ch 14 Of the Bloud of a Batt, and how you must worke by it.
Ch 15 Here followeth of Virgin Paper or Parchment called Membrana.
Ch 16 How you must work with waxe.
Ch 17 Here followeth a Needle wherewith thou must worke.
Ch 18 Here followeth of Odours and Perfumes how they ought to be made.
Ch 19 Here followeth the Chapter wherein is declare what cloath you must use to putt in your things necessary for your Experiments.
Ch 20 Of the worke of Images.
Ch 21 Of the howers to work in.
Ch 22 Here followeth of the Colours of the Planetts.
The manner and way how to make the Pentacle shall bee shewed on
the other side next following.
[Other illustrations of magical circles are found on f16v,17r.]