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PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2004 1:46 pm
by John J. Coughlin

British Library MS. Sloane 3847.
The worke of Salomon the Wise called his Clavicle, Revealed by King Ptolomeus ye Graecian.
Truly copyed verbu pro verbo by H:G: in Ann° Christo 1572 in mense Aprielis circa octavo.
[magical diagram in the form of a square.]
The Prologue.
"Here begineth the prologue of ye Booke of Clavicles of Salomon containinge the Secrets of all Secrets of all crafts magicall of Nigromancy, the which booke of Craftes as Ptolomei the most wisest philosopher on greece, doth testify. Remember my sonne Roboam more dearer to me then Isaack, for I had all my Scyience of ye Creator or all Creatures. Roboam sayd what have I deserved. Why should I in any case be likened to my father. Salomon sayd, I have revelation by an Angell of God, it chanced on night, in my sleepe I named the holy name of god. Isaack and I desired to have the ineffable wisdome of god, for ye Angell Raziell appeared to me in my sleepe, shewinge this ennarration gently, Salomon, shut or tye the secretts of secrets, for it shall be time that all wisdome shall be destroyed and shall be hydde and shall come to nothing, and ye shall know that time is nye..."
[Text in English with prayers in Latin.]

Here beginneth the first booke of the Clavicles of Secrets as the most wisest philosopher, Ptolomy the Grecian sayeth.
Of which days, howres and poyntes nessesary and experiments magical.
Of arts magicall or nigromanticall, or of some spirits how they should beordered.
[Circle of the Art diagram.]
These prayers followinge ought to be sayed at your uprisinge.
The Rubrice of exorsization.
[First the ‘Conjuration', then the ‘Admiration']
After you have donne in the East and South, then say to the West and North pts.
How and by what manner the pentacles be made.
Heare followeth the forme and manner of the pentacles or canderarin distirecoes.
How experiments should be made and ordayned for theft.
How experiments of invisability should be prepared.
How experiments of Love should be ordayned.
How experiments of grace and imprecration should be prepared.
How experiments of envy and destruction should be ordayned.
How experiments of mockinge and laughinge should be prepared.
How experiments extraordinary be prepared and ordayned.
Finis primi libri Claviculi Salomoni. Heare endeth the first prologue, and heare beginnethe the Prologue of the 2nd Booke, as Ptolomeus the grecian witnesseth, that hath elucidated and made cleere the Secrett of secretts from obscure Darkness...

Heare beginneth the rubrice of the 2nd Book.
[Text in English with prayers in Latin.]
Ch 1 What howres the artes and experiments ought to be fulfilled and
exercised when they be prepared.
Ch 2 Of Fastinge in Custody.
Ch 3 How the Coniurer should order himselfe.
Ch 4 Of Bathes and how they should be.
Ch 5 How the fellowes and scollers should doe.
Ch 6 Of Clothinge and Shooes.
Ch 7 Of Places where they should coniure, and where the crafts should be excersised and made, and the experiments.
Ch 8 Of the knife, the Sword, Vel, arthano, or the instruments, by what
means they worke in the Craft.
Ch 9 How the Circles be made, and how ye should enter into them.
Ch 10 Of the fumigations of all artes and experiments.
Ch 11 Of Water and Isope, and how ye should worke.
Ch 12 Of Light and Fyer, and how ye should worke with them.
Ch 13 Of the precepts of all artes and experiments.
Ch 14 Of Pen and Inke, and other colloures, and how ye should worke.
Ch 15 Of Virgin paper how ye should worke.
Ch 16 Of a Penne, and an instrument to write withall.
Ch 17 Of certain bloud necessary in artes and experiments.
Ch 18 Of a needle, and an Instrument of Iron, how to make them.
Ch 19 Of Caracters to be written, how they should be wrought.
Ch 20 Of the Sacrifice, and how it should be done and wrought.
Ch 21 Of the silke or linnen cloth to put the hallowed things in.
Ch 22 Of the worke of Images, and of Astronomy."

Heare followeth one the other side the forme of the circle whosoever be in such a circle shall be as sure as in a very stronge Castle wherein he needeth to feare nothinge.

Hic incipit opus mirabile et etia verissima de 40 annulis sapientissimi salomonis.
[text in Latin]
[four square diagrams with enclosed circles.]
[Item 3 - Sepher Raziel.]

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by John J. Coughlin
From Sekhet-Maat Lodge (OTO) Library:

fo.1 The Work of Solomon the Wise, Called his Clavicle, Revealed by King Ptolomeus the Grecian
fo.65 Opus Mirabile de Quatour Annulis Solomonis
fo.84 What Stones and Herbs are Appropriated unto 15 Stars According to Gower
fo.85 Liber Hermetis Tractatus de 15 Stellis, 15 Lapidibus, 15 Herbes, and 15 Harum Rerum Figuris
fo.100 Dictum Thebit
fo.102 Liber Imaginum Sebel, a.k.a. Zoel
fo.115 Machubales Decem Principalia Nomina Divina
fo.125 Divers Spells

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by John J. Coughlin
Portions relating to Sepher Raziel

British Library MS. Sloane 3847.
Paper. Quarto. 188 folios. 17th Century.
[Items 1 and 2 see under Clavicula Salomonis - English]

[Item 11] ff.161-188.
Praefatio in librum Razielis J.V. in nomine Dei omnipotentis vivi et veri, et
eterni, et sine omni Fine qui dicitur Adonay - Saday -Assereye - Jucipio -
scribere istum librum qui dicitur Cephar Raziel cum omnibus suis Pertinentiis,
in quo sunt septem Tractatus completi, et septem libri.
Introductio Libris.
Clavis Libris. Liber Primus de Astronomia.
De Lapidibus. Liber Secundus.
De Herbis.
[This text in Latin is the same as MSS. Sloane 3846 and 3826 but breaks off
incomplete in Chapter Three.]
[Preface begins]: "Dicit Salomon Gloria et laus cum multo honore sit Deo".
[First book begins]: "Clavis istius libri est cognoscere et scire locum septem
corporum superiorum".

[The introduction lists the seven books of the Sephar Raziel as :-]
1. Clavis de Astromonia et de Stellis.
2. Ala de virtutibus quorundam Lapidum, Herbarum, Animalia.
3. Thimiamatum de Suffumigationis.
4. Temporum Anni [times of the year].
5. Munditio de abstinentia.
6. Samahym [names of God and Angels].
7. Virtutum quod ubi determinatur in eo_ [Virtues of the art of magic].

list of all items in this MS

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:18 am
by John J. Coughlin
Sloane Ms 3847
17th cent. 188ff. Quarto.
Miscellany containing 11 works:
1. Salomon the Wise. His Clavicle. ff.1-66.
2. Opus mirabile et etiam verissimum de quatuor annulis sapientissimi Salomonis. ff.66v-81.
3. An excellent medicine for the stone. f.83.
4. John Gower. On stones and herbs. f.83.
5. Liber Hermetis. ff.84-100.
6. Liber imaginum Zebel alias Zoel. ff.101-112.
7. Machubales Rerum divinorum. ff.113-116.
8. A collection of charms, incantations, etc. ff.120-149.
9. Johannis de Garlandia. Multorum vocabulorum equivocorum. ff.151, 160.
10. Experiments. ff.152-159.
11. Salomon. Cepher Raziel. ff.161-188.