MS Alnwick Castle 596. - Sepher Raziel

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MS Alnwick Castle 596.

The following work is a Book of great name among the Magi and Cabalists as the
Title of Sepher Raziel or the Book of the Angel of the Secret.

p1 For the Account of this Book see the Zohar of the Jews in Genesis.
When Adam was in the garden of Eden J.H.V.H. sent him a Book of the
Angel Raziel in which were engraved characters of the highest wisdom,....
p3 A Compendium of the Book called Sepher Raziel or the Angel of the Great
p8 [recipe for cabalistic ink].
p11 Operation of the First Heaven.
p20 Operation of the 2nd Army in the .... and attributed to Mercury.
[Opens in English then in Italian].
p25 Operationi del 2 do Exercito.
[Sections in Italian, Latin, and English].
p35 Operationi del 3zo Exercito.
[Italian, Latin].
p47 Operazioni de 4to Exercito.
[Italian, Latin and English].
p56 The Operations of the 5th Army.
[English, Latin].
p62 The Operations of the 6th Army.
[English, Italian and Latin].
p69 Operazioni de 7mo Cielo.
[Italian and Latin].
p75 [Lists of qualities of the sevenfold].
[List of various Angel names].
p88 Oratio.
p90 l'Orazioni.
p92 Tavola [Contents of Ms. in Italian].
p93 Haec Sunt 72 Nomina Dei.
[List of 72 names with qualities and powers].
[Latin and Italian].
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