The Evolution of Wiccan Ethics

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I welcome related papers related to research on any aspect of Wiccan ethics which I would be happy to include on this site.

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I am in the process of attempting to contact various Gardnerians who were directly tied to Gardner's initiates (Valiente, Crowthers, Lady Owen, and Bourne to name a few) before 1964. If anyone can assist with contact information it would be greatly appreciated. I do not require information that would be deemed a violation of any oaths. I merely want to get a sense from reliable sources of how ethics were viewed within specific covens since it seems to have varied probably as a result of the interpretations of each high priestess or priest. Contacts to other early covens are welcome too of course! My emphasis on the Gardnerians is purely due to their influence on the development of Wicca, but they are by far not the only tradition to have an influence.

Additionally I am also seeking early newspaper and journal clippings/photocopies or at least specific references prior to 1968 that discuss ethics in any aspect.

Since many ideas were circulated in Pagan newsletters before being published in books it is essential I begin to focus on these hard-to-find resources. If you have access to any old newsletters please let me know!

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