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Recommended Links

Below are links to various sites related to the many topics of darkness and dark spirituality. I don't necessarily agree with the content of these sites, but that of course does not discount their validity for those they interest.

A wonderful ezine dedicated to the "dark side" of paganism. One of my favorite sites! It is full of articles, reviews, art and much more.

The Dark Goddesses
It is nice to see a useful site that has stood the test of time. While so many sites pop up only to fizzle away, this site has been around since 1995. Here you will find articles on several of the more common dark goddesses.
Dedicated to goths and pagans, this domain hosts such sites as the Gothic Personals, Pagan Personals, Gothic Guide to Nail Care, NYC Pagan Resource Guide and Corporate Goth.
This is a great resource on all topics of sexuality including many articles on pagan, magic and fetishes

Official Temple of Set Web Site
The Temple of Set practices a form of Philosophical Satanism, although they generally prefer to be called Setians over Satanists.

Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica
This is probably THE best collection of esoteric documents available on the web. They also sell a CD-ROM with even more on it than the website.

Alchemy website and virtual library
The is by far the most extensive collection of online material on Alchemy that I know of, containing countless documents, texts and images.

Hermetic Virtual Library
Another great place to find online texts that often are no longer in print.

Gothic Pagan Survey
I think this is a great idea and hope that all visitors here will take a moment to answer this survey. Click here for some of the results.

The Sandman
An archive of images and useful links related to the Sandman character of Neil Gaiman published by DC Comics, Vertigo.

VampLestat's Gothic Server
A rather extensive archive of gothic-related information and images - been around quite a long time.

Satanism FAQ
A decent FAQ on Satanism for those curious.

Why Wiccans Suck
A very enjoyable site that knocks the fluff bunnies that have been infesting Wicca: "I have no problem with Wicca. It's the Wiccans I can't stand."

PÓganach Dubh
"Seeking the darker side of Celtic Paganism" - a very interesting site!

Chaos Matrix
A great resource for those interested in Chaos Magic
Forum, articles, reviews.. a general resource area for those of a darker caliber

(more to come...)