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Introduction to the Tantra

Many believe that Tantra is the oldest single source of knowledge concerning the energies of the Mind/Body/Spirit/Soul complex - how old no one knows, and that it was upon Tantra that the basis of Indian Yoga and Chinese Alchemy were erected.

Yoga and Alchemy, not the pseudo-science of medieval pre-science, but the personal transformation of the Human into the Divine, are both remarkable and comprehensive methods for the perfection of body and psyche, and the transformation of consciousness. Their extensions lead progressively to the Martial Arts of China and Japan, to the developement of the Yi King as a personal tool of knowledge, and to the grand philosophies of the Buddha, Confucius and Lao-tzu.

However, their root source is in Tantra, and Tantra remains their foundation. Today's student of Yoga, or of the Martial Arts, or Eastern (or Western) Philosophy, sees only the magnificent edifice, while the foundation is "occult" (hidden away).

The edifice itself was built to reflect the needs and culture of a particular moment in history. It may no longer meet teh needs of people today, and even though its 'technology' may still be very effective, its language may be as archaic as the swords and daggers of some martial arts forms. In the end, Yoga, Tai Chi, Zen etc are effective and efficient as physical and mental conditioning programs- yet their spirituial efficacy requires a lifestyle suited to a culture and time beyond the reach of most people today.

As Paramahansa Satyananda Saraswati, head of the Bihar School of Yoga writes:

"...Tantra is meant for the common man and Yoga, which is part of Tantra, is meant for an uncomman man. Tantra does not accept any kind of religious, cultural, tribal or national inhibitions....Tantra accepts that three billion people cannot belong to only one range of life."

Tantra is a spiritual SCIENCE involving "methods of going into the subconscious mind and diving deep into the unconscious clear up your personality, your deep-rooted complexes, going to correct your behavior, is going to rehabilitate you psychologically, and physically." Tantra is also Kundalini Yoga, and "the purpose of Kundalini Yoga is to awaken the powerful consciousness or the psychic consciousness in man in order to make it possible for him to have the vision of a greater reality in himself."

Tantra includes the use of special sounds and words, diagrams and visualizations, sacred pictures, guided meditation and self-hypnosis, postures and movement, breathe control, and all the techniques used in all religious, magical and growth disciplines. It is the use of such techniques that can lead to living experience with Divinity.

As a science, Tantra is universal. The various techniques found today in Yoga or in mental and spiritual systemes of discipline and religious practice, are all built upon the fundimental root-knowledge whose origins are timeless. Tantra is also the name we tend to give to the "Old Religion" of the East, and many of us believe it is essentially identical with aspects of both Wicca and Kabbalah in the West - but with Tantra we have a relative continuity of knowledge down to the present day, unlike that in the West - largely lost through persecutions, first by the church, and then by the 19th century 'scientific age of reason'.

Much of this Eastern Tantra has become obscured if not lost, and its revival and recovery is as much a part of the 'New Age' of Aquarius, as is the conviction that peace is both possible and vital, that every life can have personal meaning, and that life is everywhere and in all things. Since then (1962) we have seen a total rebirth of Tantric Science - with new study, research, and practice of all the aspects of Yoga, Mysticism, Meditation, teh Martial Arts, Magick, Metaphysics, Wicca nd Shamanism. All of these are but techniques to accomplish one thing:

The essential message of Tantra is "Look within - find and express Divinity." Learn to invoke God and Goddess within yourselves, learn to use the creative power of the Divinity within to transform Body and Soul, to improve daily life.

Tantra is the science of Consciousness - but its first principles are easily applied because it recognizes and accepts the structure of the human psyche and builds upon the most powerful expereince available to the common man and woman: LOVE. Yes, sex too, but not as "the yoga of sex" which suggests more in the way of sexual athletics than the powerful dynamo of life-force that not only unites Man and Woman and reproduces the race, but that awakens - even if but for a moment - the nine-tenths of human potential that lies dormant in most of us.

What Tantra gives us is the key to bringing into the sexual relationship that which is promised in nearly every religious rite sanctifying marriage : Holiness.

Tantra knows that Sexual Energy is Feminine - it is the Goddess, the Mother, Holy Earth. All Life as we know it is of her. When we do not live "within her" we abuse the Goddess. Love is THE Law, for with love we cannot abuse the Mother. Every person, male and female both, is a "channel" between God and Goddess, and we awaken to the Divinity within and open teh channels for the ebb and flow of DIvine Energies, we accelerate the evolution of consciousness, the healing of the Earth and all within Her (including humanity) and open the way for the progress of the 'New Age'.

What is easier than finding God in the man you love, or the Goddess in the woman you love? Express the Divinity that is within you, and adore the Divinity within your beloved! Allow yourself, at the very deepest levels of the psyche, to respond to your beloved's invocation of the Divine within you! Give pleasure to your beloved, and learn how to give greater pleasure! Study loving, practice love, be loved!

Study Sex! Sex is part of Love, just as yoga is part of Tantra. Sex is part of all we do, just as Yoga is part of Tantra. Sex is part of all we do, for polarity is the condition of existance, and sex connects the poles - sex restores wholeness, love gives it Holiness.

Tan-Tra means to expand and to Liberate. Its through the true fulfillment of our potential that we become free. Growth is the obligation placed upon us by Life itself - for no other purpose can we perceive in all creation. Growth is the key to a happy, healthful and successful life. The ability to continue growing is the key to extended life.

Another way to explore Tantra is to realize that Pleasure is experienced in the Brain - and orgasm can be directed to the brain if foreplay is extended long enough!

"Love One Another!"

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