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Why We Bother Dealing with Society at All
by Don Webb

Uncle Setnakt wishes to send his congratulations to Mr. Bolton on his victory with the New Zealand Press Council.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about why we bother dealing with society at all when it would be so much easier to remain an Underground movement and safe from the bricks and torches of the followers of the Prince of Peace.

1. Society gives us an opportunity to practice White Magic. White magic is when we appeal to a man-made entity outside ourselves for a change in our condition. Rather than choosing an overworked and therefore nearly meaningless entity like Jehovah or "the Goddess," we choose a man-made creation to support with sacrifice -- money and/or time -- and expect rewards from in a manner greater than our work has won. This fulfills the human need for a god to turn to when we need slack, and we get far better results with these gods than with Jehovah. If we Understand this as a magical process, we get far better results indeed.

2. Society gives us an opportunity to practice Lesser Black Magic. Lesser Black Magic is manipulation accomplished through guile and cunning (or through the application of little known physical laws). When we use Lesser Black Magic we create a sense of wonder, terror, sensuality, or sentiment in our targets. We present them with these emotional gifts in exchange for their loyalty and aide. We also remind ourselves that we have the same capacity to be bamboozled, and to constantly re-examine our values against the vast roar of cultural propaganda.

3. Society gives us an opportunity to practice Greater Black Magic. Greater Black Magic is the application of a spiritual technology to change the objective and subjective universes in accordance with our Will. The only place to learn how truly effective our magic is is by causing things to come into being in the human world. If we're counting on creating ourselves as divine beings, we need a non-subjective test of our powers. We need to know how well our magic really works. The best test is to alter the world of men and use that alteration to further our own Becoming. If we can bring about beneficial change change in the world, we know that we can create forces in the objective universe to sustain us the way our bodies currently do.

4. Society gives us an opportunity to practice conventional evil. If we are to have the inner independence necessary to break the fetters that hinder us on our path to godhood, we need to have the spiritually strengthening practice of being an outsider. We need to stand alone. One of the most effective ways of doing this is the practice of social evil. If you really want to know what it is to stand outside of your society, try breaking a simple taboo that hurts no one. Try not mowing your lawn. Nobody rushes forward to defend this as your civil right. Watch the ultimate fire of hate blossom in your neighbor's eyes -- because you're not cutting up an organism. They'll give you letters, legal threats, and social ostracism. If you can withstand this pressure, you may be able to withstand the pressures willing up within that try to force back to sleep.

5. Society gives us a laboratory to search for the transcendental Good. It is all very well to say that your magic is bringing about your values the world, but unless you examine your values in the details of life they are worthless. How far will you push yourself to accomplish your life mission? How quickly do you sell out against the forces of sleep? Unless you constantly seek new horizons to push against, you have lost yourself in the mire of subjectivity. You will have already died if you choose to merely live in your daydreams. The condition that most of mankind faces after death -- the dreamy semi-aware state that the Greeks called Hades -- will have already claimed you. But if you constantly strive to bring new impulses to the world, you may achieve divine status before you die. You may Become a creator, a god.

6. Society gives us the opportunity to find other who can sharpen our practice by support and challenge. If we want to truly transform ourselves in accordance with our will, we need the tools. These tools are not by and large in some book or whispered to us by demons in circles. These tools come from watching how others succeed and fail in their magical quests. These tools come from articulating our own life philosophy and considering the articulations of others. The real magician is the one always eager to learn, because it saves him so much suffering and traveling down blind alleys. If we interact openly with society, we can attract others to challenge us and spur us on, as well giving ourselves the chance to further our thought by the necessity of having to articulate for those entering into our black order. Uncle Setnakt is very proud that the Temple of Set is engaged in just such expansion in Australasia now. Catch the black tide!

7. Society gives us a measuring stick of our individual progress. If we set up to interact with Society on a regular basis -- the way Uncle Setnakt does by writing his column -- we examine how we've changed each time. We use society as a reminder to check our progress on regular intervals. Can I speak with greater ease in public? Have my ideas become more coherent? Am I truly shaping my life and mind in the direction I want to be? With forethought our interaction with society Becomes a series of way-stations of our Initiation.

8. Society gives us the opportunity to align ourselves with the Aeon. If we choose to interact with society as Initiators, we have to find the current of our initiation within ourselves. We seek after the Mystery Hidden deeply within ourselves of our own individual and unique Becoming. When we discover that we discover that the same Mystery is Hidden deeply within the objective world. When we can interact with (or become aligned with) that Mystery, we can achieve a status of more then purely human being, and exercise the true powers of Black Magic to create a path of individually determined freedom.

9. Society reminds us of the great truth. When we interact with the semiconscious mass of mankind, we are reminded of the great truth of the Left Hand Path. If you live for anything other than your own Becoming, you represent something other than yourself and ultimately you are a slave. How much better it is to live for your own Becoming -- to take whatever truths you might find and place them as lighted spheres around the dark center of your being. Become like Yog-Sothoth, letting the dark Mystery of yourself be undefined and ever advancing -- let all your gods (whether created by you or thrust upon you) merely be ephemera which serve your freedom. They may seem eternal to the sleepers, but to the Seeker they will pass away until he alone remains then he shall recognize that he has become the perfect mind and shall remake the Cosmos in the eternal glory of his Satanic will.

Uncle Setnakt hopes you have a pleasant day.

These writings belong to Don Webb and are here by his permission. Their inclusion does not mean that Mr. Webb has any attitudes pro or con for other pieces on this site.

All work is copyright the listed author.

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