Out of the Shadows
An Exoloration of Dark Paganism and Magick

About the Book

I need to start right out with a simple warning that this book is bound to get some very harsh reviews since I have gone against the grain to get my point across. Many Pagans will be uncomfortable with my association of darkness with forms of Paganism and this alone is an example of why this book needed to be written. Remember that darkness does not necessarily mean evil, especially in the eyes of a Pagan.

This book does not seek to overpower "light" with "darkness" but to encourage balance. (Click here for an article I wrote on this.) To foster such balance I have written an exploration into the "darker" aspects of Paganism and spirituality. Some of it you may agree with and some of it you may not. With all the "same old stuff" flooding the market I offer you fresh material that will challenge you to rethink your view of paganism - not to change your view, but to open your mind and encourage you to think why you believe what you do. This may strengthen your current beliefs or may help lead you to a more solid foundation; either way my goals have been met.

The second half of the book brings magick back to reality by breaking down the science and art behind the energies at work. I don't offer you spells, I offer you a glimpse into how those spells work and what you need to design your own spells and rituals, or improve upon and personalize existing ones.

Keep in mind this book is an exploration. I delve into many topics as deeply as I can but most chapters would require a book of their own to give the material justice. I encourage you to send me your feedback - good or bad - so that I can use it for direction in future books which will begin to fill in the gaps.

Read it with an open mind and I think you will enjoy the book and discover a new way of approaching aspects of paganism and magick. If you decide to attack me simply because you are afraid of what non-Pagans may think then feel free to go back to bending over backwards to please everyone but yourself. Been there… done that... learned.

Press release can be found here.

John J. Coughlin (aka "Dark Wyccan")

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