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Pagan Clergy's Guide for Counseling, Crisis Intervention...
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Pagan Clergy's Guide for Counseling, Crisis Intervention...

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The Pagan Clergy's Guide for Counseling, Crisis Intervention and Otherworld Transitions
Author: Reverend Kevin Gardner
ISBN: 978-0-9823549-1-9


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"Every new religious movement reaches a point where it matures into a true spiritual path. Occasionally a book comes along which marks that evolution from such a movement being inward looking to looking outwards to understand it's true purpose. The Pagan Clergys Guide... is one of those books. It marks the transition of Wicca into a Priesthood of service to the community and the divine. We can't speak more highly of this book. It is well written, well sourced and has gems of wisdom that only come from experience. We would recommend it to any practicing Wiccan priestess/priest as an essential book for their shelf."

--Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone RN.
Authors: A Witches Bible, A Witches Goddess, Spells and How they Work, The Healing Craft and Progressive Witchcraft.

"This well researched book is an easy read and an excellent reference for Pagan's involved in chaplaincy work."

--Kerr Cuhulain
Author: Wiccan Warrior, Full Contact Magick and Magickal Self Defense

This guide is indispensible for Pagan clergy, and will be referred to again and again and again for the wealth of counseling wisdom that is difficult to find anywhere else.

From basic counseling skills through crisis intervention, marital and family counseling, grief and other transitional issues, Kevin is there to hold your hand, provide insights into behaviors and motivations, and guide you around the pitfalls and problems inherent in any counseling relationship.

The unique aspects of counseling those with developing psychic or magickal abilities are handled with common sense and caution, helping the counselor to discriminate between psychic and psychotic, and to handle the effects of magickal workings. Long awaited and desperately needed, this little volume may well prove to be THE guide for Priests and Priestesses in any counseling role.

--Rhiannon, Wiccan Priestess
Co-founder of SerpentStone, Psychiatric Nurse, BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), Master of Science in Counseling.


Chapter One
   The Priest-ess as Crisis Counselor

Chapter Two
   Crisis Counseling
   Guidelines for Evaluating Crisis Intervention Counseling

Chapter Three
   Spiritual Counseling
   Techniques and Procedures for Dealing with Crisis

Chapter Four
   Marital and Family Counseling
   Marital Counseling
   Post Divorce Counseling

Chapter Five
   Death and Dying

Chapter Six
   Guided Meditations for the Dying

Chapter Seven
   Dealing with and Working through Grief
   Normal Grief Reactions
   Physical Sensations
   Thought patterns
   Other Manifestations of Grieving
   Grief Counseling
   Counseling Techniques

Chapter Eight
   Funerary Counseling and Rituals
   The Officiant's Role
   Upon receiving Notification of a Death
   Home Visitation
   Scheduling the Service
   The Funeral Home Visit
   During the Memorial Service
   Concluding the Service
   Funeral Rites
      Generic Memorial Service
      Nordic Memorial Service
      Celtic Memorial Service
      Egyptian Memorial Service
      Grecian Memorial Service
      Memorial Service for a Child (Non-Denominational)
      Memorial Service for a Suicide (Non-Denominational)
      A Non-Denominational Graveside Service

Chapter Nine
   Counseling Older Persons
   Retirement, Entering a New Phase of Life
   General Counseling for Seniors
   How to Begin Counseling a Person Older than You?

Chapter Ten
   A Short Collection of Prayers
   Funeral Prayers

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