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PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:05 pm
by John J. Coughlin
British Library MS. Harley 6453.
Paper. Quarto.

1. 'The worke of the Lord Bernard, Erle of the Marchis of Trevisan'. in four parts. p.1.
2. 'The worke of an unknowen Author, havinge no name to yt but Jesus'. p.39.
3. 'The worke of an other namles Author, by way of a Dialoge'. p.47. with a fragment from another p.56.
4. Verses by several authors on similar subjects. p.57.
5. Receipts from Raymond, Ripley, eyc. p.76.
6. ['Donum Dei' in English translation, with line drawings of the figures.]
7. 'Merinus et Merlinus pater et filius', a dialogue in English verse. f.29.
8. 'Here beginythe a compendiouse abstract of Alkymy, drawne out of laten, by a true ground on what wise ye shall worke without error to ye true conclusion of a perfect Elyxyr bothe for ye whyte & for the redd'. f.41.
9. 'Here beginneth a dialoge betwixt the scoler and the master.' f.53.
10. A collection of receipts for various purposes. p1.
11. 'A fragment of Tollelanus his Rosary'. p.22.