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Different translation of Arbatel from Turner's translation

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 11:41 am
by John J. Coughlin

There is another English translation in MSS, Sloane 3851, fol. 10r-29v. It is apparently independent of Turner's translation. There is a note on fol. 2v that "this book is the handwriting of one Mr. Arthur Gauntlet, who professed physic [i.e. medicine], and lived about Gray's Inn Lane." The endsheet also has the words "Ann Savadge is Roseman, Aune (?)." Another interesting feature of this manuscript is that it includes a drawing of the "Seal of Secrets" (aphorism 27) which is described but not shown in any other version I've seen.

The diagram on the title page — with the names Saturiel, Ioviel, Gabriel, Oriel, and Pomiel — did not appear in the original Latin or Turner's edition, but is here supplied from the edition of Andreas Luppius, Wesel, 1686. Luppius' edition has other innovations which I have not chosen to incorporate at this time.