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PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2004 3:37 pm
by John J. Coughlin

Yale University - Beinecke Rare Books Library Osborn MS fa.7
Astrological treatise. England; late sixteenth century. Paper; 33ff. 303 x 205 mm.; 1 column, 36 lines.
I-III (8), IV (10, -10). Catchwords on every page. Cursive script. Astrological signs are drawn in the margins. Bound in limp vellum.
Presented to the Beinecke Jan 23, 1967, by James M. Osborn.
Comments: Folio 1r has two staffs of music. The text claims to be the Book of Virtue which the Angel Raphiel gave to Adam, with Solomon's Hebrew additions. Incipit: "In the name of allmyghtie God livinge trewe & everlasting and without all end, wch ys said Adonay Saday ... I begin to write this booke wch ys said Cephar razyell with all his portenaunce in wch be 7 treatises complete." The seven treatises are: 1) Clavis, 2) virtues of stones, herbs and beasts, 3) Tractatus thimiamatum, 4) treatise of time, 5) treatise of cleanness, 6) Samaym, and 7) Book of Virtue.