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PostPosted: Tue May 18, 2004 8:29 pm
by John J. Coughlin
From Sekhet-Maat Lodge (O.T.O) Library

Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet
fo.1 Instructions of Ptolemy
fo.1-2 Instructions of Cyprian
fo.4 Searles Prayer
fo.6b Prayer of Thy Genius, and Several Spells
fo.8 Magic of (the Ancients) Arbatel
fo.34b Signum Pentaculum Salomonis
fo.35 Spells, Experiments, Conjurations, etc.
fo.84 Fourth Book of Agrippa
fo.101 Invocations
fo.119b Wm. Bacon's Roman Secret and Other Spells
fo.145 The Book of the Images
fo.151 Charmes for Divers Diseases
fo.157 To Have Conference with Spirits
fo.163 Experiments

London, British Library, Sloane 3851
post 1594

ff. 75-91
Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy
Agrippa, Henry Cornelius (ps)
The fourth book of the hidden philosophy or of the magicall ceremonies by Cornelius Agrippa.

ff. 11b-29 The book of Arbatel of magick