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Key of Solomon, Pierre Morissoneau version.

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Stacking Code: MS4657
Reference Number: MS.4657
Title: Pseudo-Solomon
Date: mid-18th century

CustodialHistory: Armorial book-plate of F. G. Irwin.

Acquisition Purchased 1933.
AccNo 66383

Description: [Clavicules de] la vi humene rabit de [crossed through] Salomon traduittes du texte hebreux avec exatitude misse en françois avec les figurre misterieusse pantoculle, talismans, cerclle caracterre et canderies. Title in coloured inks, some passages in the text in blue or red: illustrated by numerous pen-drawn figures of pentacles, sigils etc. in coloured inks, or plain black, a few unfinished. On the verso of the first leaf: 'Copiés sur les originot de la biblioteque nationalle'. The spine is lettered: 'Clavicules de Rabbi Solomon. M.S.' and below 'St. Germain': this may be the celebrated adventurer calling himself the 'Comte de Saint Germain', who is said to have died in 1784, and was associated with Count Cagliostro.
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