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Collections relating to Magic and Witchcraft from the papers of various 16th and 17th century astrologers. Including Key of Solomon (English) and also the Compendium heptarchiae mysticae of Dee. (Mathers did not refer to this MS. when he compiled his Key of Solomon)

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British Library MS. Add. 36,674.
Here begynneth the Booke of Kynge Solomon called the Kay of Knowledge. Clavicula Salomonis. Extat Latine: et Legi.
Cabalisttica: sed sophistica.
Orysons to be sayde, when you coniure.
A confession to be sayde before thou worke.
[No Ch 1-3.]
Ch 4 Here followeth, howe and after what sorte, Pentacles must be made; wherein all the science of the Kay of Knowledge dependethe.
Ch 5 Here followeth, the way to worke, wch is the cheyfest chapiter of all.
Ch 6 Here followeth, howe experimentes for things that are stolne, ought to be wroughte.
Ch 7 Howe experiments to be invysible must be preparedd.
Ch 8 Howe and by what meanes, experiments of Love ought to be wrought, as well in gettinge hyr, whome thou desyreste; as yn touchinge hir in her sleape, or talkynge wythe her.
Ch 9 Here followeth an other waye wherby yt ys brought to passe, that she shall dream of the.
Ch 10 Of experimentes of favor and freyndshipp.
Ch 11 Howe experyments for hatred ar prepared that any may bee made deadly enemyes.
Ch 12 An experiment to sayne a thinge to bee which indeade is false whereby many men de deceyved as in playinge, or in showinge any other thinge.
Explicit. Thus endeth the fyrst booke of the kay of knowledge of Solamon.

Here begynnethe the Seconde Booke, of the key of Knowledge of Solamon.
Ch 1 Here followeth yn what hower experiments ought to be done.
Ch 2 Here followeth howe the coniurer ought to behave himselfe.
Ch 3 Howe his fellowes must behave them selves.
Ch 4 Of fastynge and watche.
Ch 5 Of Bathes, howe they muste be made.
Ch 6 The blyssynge of the Salte.
Ch 7 Heare followeth of apparrell.
Ch 8 Here followeth of the knyfe reqred in this Arte, and howe yt muste bee made.
The forme and shape of ye knife, wth words and caracters. [Drawings of weapons.]
Ch 9 Here followeth howe Circles, muste bee made, and howe you must enter into them.
The manner to make Circles, shall bee showed, on the other syde of this same leafe.
[Diagrams of two circles.]
Ch 10 Here followeth of water, and ysope.
Ch 11 Here followeth of ysope.
Ch 12 Here followeth of fyer and lighte.
Ch 13 Here followeth of penn and ynke.
Ch 14 Of the blode of a Batt, howe you muste worke by yt.
Ch 15 Here followeth of vyrgyn paper, or Parchment, called Membrana.
Ch 16 Howe you must worke wth waxe.
Ch 17 Here followeth of a nedle wherenth thou muste worke.
Ch 18 Here followeth of odours and perfumes, howe they ought to be made.
Ch 19 Here followeth the chapter, wherin is declared, what cloth you muste use to putt yn your thinges necessary for your experyment.
Ch 20 Of the worke of ymages.
Ch 21 Of the howers to worke yn.
Ch 22 Here followeth, of the colors of the Planetts.
The manner and waye howe to make thy Pentacle, shalbe showed on the other syde, next followynge.
Here followeth the manner howe to make the Pentacle. Caput Ultimum et Praecipium.
[Diagram. Circles within squares.]
Here endeth the booke of Salomon the wise, called the Key of Knowledge.
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