Ms. Description

Alchemical; Paper and Parchment. Quarto. 15th and 16th Centuries.

Ms. Description

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British Library MS. Harley 2407.
Paper and Parchment. Quarto. 15th and 16th Centuries.

1. Nomina Herbarum singulis Planetis dicatarum. f.1b.
2. Part of the Contents of this Book. f.1
8. A Letter, discovering the Philosopher Stone f.3b.
Begins: 'To my frend, I sende gretynge wyth alle my hert'.
10. To make fyne Gold of Satorne. f.6.
11. An Alchemical Poem.
'Her ys an Erbe men call Lunaryie;
I-blesset mowte hys maker bee.
Asterion he ys i-callet alle so,
And other Namys, many & mo'.
12. Another Alchemical Tract, all written with red Ink. f8.
13. A Ditty upon the 3 Kings of Cullen, applied to the Alchemical Art. f.17. This is also written with red ink, and hath an Alchemical drawing prefixed.
Here begins the labour of Mr Casley.
14. Arnold de nova villa, his Account of the Philosopher's Stone. f.18. It ends in verse, from f.29b.
15. For to make Sol watur. f.32.
16. To make Watur of Mercurii. f.32 and 65b.
17. To make Sol Werkis. With a Drawing at the end. f.32.
18. To make the whyt elexure. f.35.
19. Descriptio lapidis Philosophorum, metrica: cum versione Anglicana. f.36.
Begins: 'Gemma salutaris, qui nascitur orbicularis'.
Super membranam. Versus Latini rubrica scripti sunt, Anglico atramento.
20. Alia ejusdem descriptio. 'Desiderabile desiderium'. Literis rubris, et in membrana. f.49b.
21. Speculum Alkamie. Atramento. f.50b.
22. Chemicae praeparationes. 'Saturnus ex sulphure et Mercurio sit'. f.51.
23. Alia lapidis Philosophorum descriptio. 'Omnis alteratio ad perfectionem'. f.51b.
24. To make a medycyn for mannys body. f.52b.
25. To make a red medycen for Satorn. f53.b 26. De virtutibus Planetarum. 'Aries, Leo, Sagittarius sunt calidus et sicca'. f.54.
27. De lapide Philosophorum. 'Lapis Philosophorum est trinus et unus'. Literis Rubris. f.55.
Eight English verses are prefixed, written in red. f.54b.
The whole is represented in circles, with names written within them. At the end is a sketch for an alchemical drawing, of a Glass receiver with figures in it.
28. About the Philosopher Stone. 'In the name of the Fader'. f.58.
29. To rectifi quiick silvir. f.64b.
30. 'To make water of yt to thy medicyne'. f.65b.
31. To make the grete elexer of alcami. f.66.
Followed by Two alchemical Drawings, & befor the scond, eleven latin verses.
32. Two Speeches between a Student and a Master. 33. Joannis Dee Testamentum, ad Jo.Gwynn transmissum, anno1568. In English verse. f.69.
34. Two other preparations of the Philosopher's Stone f.69b.
35. Verses of the virtue of the Planets & the Philosopher's Stone. In red ink. f.75.
37. Verses beginning,
'Ther ys a bodi of a bodi
and a soule & a spryte
With ij bodies most be knete'. f.89b.
38. Verses about the Philosopher's Stone. f.91.
39. Another Treatise of the Philosopher's Stone. f.93b.
40. Alchemical Terms in red ink, followed by drawings illustrative of them. f.106.
41. A few Lines, beginning. 'Albertus commendat', with two unfinished drawings.
in all 111 leaves.
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