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Name: Dark Wyccan
URL: http://www.waningmoon.com/realm/
Occupation: Systems Manager (Information Systems/Technology)
From: Putnam County, NY but work in NYC
Tell us about yourself:
I manage the servers and their related functions for a large newspaper. I have long sharp nails and until recently a bit of blue in my hair, but I still wear my 8+ earings at work. (woohoo!)
How do you typically dress at work:
Typically black pants, boots and a black, purple, grey, or red dress shirt with a nice "gothy" tie on days I have meetings.
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
Hard to be taken seriously by people meeting me for the first time and don't yet know me. Also, people like to pass by my office to check out the decor, which can distract me. (They refer to my office as "the Bat Cave" because I have a stuffed bat haning over my desk.) >:)
I need to wake up at 5:30am to get to work on time, which means I tend to be too pooped to get out late!!! Grrrrr...

(Entry number 1 entered 15-Mar-1999, last modified 25-Nov-2005.)

Name: S. Kaleel
URL: http://www-scf.usc.edu/~kaleel
Occupation: tv/film industry (Film/TV Industry)
From: orig. massachusetts, now in L.A.
Tell us about yourself:
I have done various internships within the field of Cinema TV
How do you typically dress at work:
Started off simple. Although I wore all black, I wore it under the pretext of just looking nice.
For example, A black shirt with white collar, pretty skirt, pretty shoes.
I would work my way into big boots, chains...I asked my employers if my
hair color would be an issue . I had black hair and wanted to put back in my
red streaks. I always dye my hair back to a "natural" color (phht. like black)
right before an interview.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I have had problems at a job in high school regarding my clothing. They
said i was scaring the customer. It turned out they were scared of me, and
my computer skills.
I really haven't had that many problems yet. Most of my employers don't care
or find it funny. But I still am careful when i enter a new job.

(Entry number 2 entered 15-Mar-1999.)

Name: Josie (aka Luna)
URL: http://www.thej-files.com
Occupation: Software Tester (MSN Gaming Zone) (Software)
From: Bellevue, WA
Tell us about yourself:
I'm in my early twenties and a complete video game addict. A bit of a geek, really. Heh. I read, pose for photos (non-nude), write HTML, make images in Photoshop, and translate Japanese Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) games in my spare time.
How do you typically dress at work:
It really depends on how lazy I'm being that day. I love lots of dainty silver jewelry and usually wear a couple of rings and two or three necklaces. Most of the time I come in in a long black skirt and dark-colored sweater or velvet t-shirt (pretty non-offensive, no?), but sometimes you can catch me in sweats or jeans and a t-shirt (or on the flip-side, in a long black flowy dress with my hair up). My *ugh* Spice Girl-esque tennies are well-known on the floor. It always happens that friends from other buildings want to go out to lunch on my slob-days.
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I find that even though Microsoft is pretty liberal when it comes to dress codes, I sometimes get odd comments from coworkers. One ex-boss used to ask me "how is your cult doing" and "when are the aliens coming to take you to heaven" and other similar questions. I've even had to switch product groups to get away from his slanderous comments. He was making it really difficult for me to get onto new testing teams. My new boss was an old officemate of mine, so he was already prepared for my appearance. So far, no complaints or weirdness.

(Entry number 3 entered 15-Mar-1999, last modified 06-Feb-2000.)

Name: Novaska Vas (aka) Andrea or (when angry) NovaStorm
Occupation: logistiek planing and Smaltruck driving (Other)
From: Eindhoven (NL)
Tell us about yourself:
Thare isn't much on me, xept that I have a serius gut illnis and I'v got dislexia type L.I'm pretty silent normaly (soft haze voice)but I become buldozer when angry (And I have to if I whont those truckys in line)I have the oodety to like simphonicks and so. Thow a Girl I like to play my (Punk)bass guitare (Ask my nabers }=)

PS I'm in the later twenty's and hate's it. But I hate thy only alternative more.. I like to becom a witch };)

How do you typically dress at work:
Manly a black swet surt and black jans. Ugly broun shoos (Safty shoos who are comfy but still butt ugly).A black vest and in winter B.silky gluvs. When I have a office day, I have a black skirt and ware 5 silvery rings. and sevrel necklses. Sins I'm a small boss, I Have a fuwe extra privs. in the comp.
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
Ppl think that I cant be smard enough to handel the planing and running the road division in the comp. (4 Big rigs, 6 city rigs and a dosent van's and one small reserv truck for the emergensy delivery's in and around Eindhoven (mostly I'm the one to drive it(Good way to get out of the office:). This gets wors cors I'v got dislexia, even thow I speak 3 languages fluently and I can help myself in same other. Same ppl are afraid of me ors I drive a truck (half the time) and ame drest black with dark eyelins (Ok its a clasic but I like it).

(Entry number 4 entered 16-Mar-1999.)

Name: The Evil Chemist
Occupation: Chemist (Lab Work)
From: Chicago, IL
Tell us about yourself:
I'm a chemist working for a large biotechnology/life sciences company
(~$25Billion). I work in the Food and Nutrion Sector focussing mainly
on sweeteners.

How do you typically dress at work:
Black shirts and jeans. There is no set dress code, so long as the attire does not violate safety codes. I can wear clothes suitble for club wear, such as my velvety
"coffin" shirt and shirts with mandarin collars. People I know from the local clubs can tell I came straight from work only by my glasses . Other than that, I look like I dressed to go to the club.

My collegues, I'm sure, notice I dress primarily in black, but I doubt they care.
Scientists are an odd bunch, and they are generally less judgmental
about superficial things than the buisness sector. In the scientific world,
a person (ideally) is appreciated for their mind and not for their fashion sense.

Geeks generally do not pay alot of attention worrying about fashion.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I do not encounter many problems.
I realize there are portions of my life best left unrevealed when unasked.,
though I do not hide the fact that I hang in gothy circles.

A picture of dj ScaryLady Sarah hangs on my bulletin borad.
A number of ticket stubs and fliers are also scattered about.
I lend goth music out to others I owrk with.
I discuss my weekend activites with little reservation when asked.
I do not delve into the details of some facets of goth, such as the
gravitation of many goths toward "alternative lifestyles"

To most of my associates goth is merely a music style and a fashion style
which is acceptable for me.

(Entry number 5 entered 16-Mar-1999.)

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