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Name: victoria gwaed
URL: http://www.threethirteen.net/
Occupation: Information Systems/Technology (Information Systems/Technology)
From: Nashville, TN
Tell us about yourself:
I'm 29 years old, and just got serious about work a year ago or so. I'm studying for my MCSE+internet certification. I graduated with a BA in anthropology in '92 and have done just about everything you can imaguine since then.
Anything else you might care to know can be gleaned from my personal page http://www.threethirteen.net/fox/.

How do you typically dress at work:
Long skirts, blouses and a jacket. It's fairly causal there, and ocassionally I do wear my better corp clothes (designer dark coloured skirt suits I pick up in thrift stores). The real problem came when we had to tear down and rebuild the network at my current position. We were doing it over the weekend adn everyone was wearing jeans or shorts... and I didn't even own a pair! I ended up borrowing black pants from my boyfriend and wearing a Pink Floyd t.
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I miss being able to dye my hair different colours on a whim, and getting off the remnants of makeup and nail polish can be a pain.

The hardest thing to deal with is "Isn't it a beautiful day? Such a shame we have to be indoors." when it's sunny and 85 out. Indoors is precisly where I want to be. I really have problems with misrepresenting myself to others, but it's hard not to seem a ghoul when statements like that naturally make one grimmace. I think the hardest thing to temper down is my naturally odd personality. Uber-normal people can be difficult to deal with because there seems to be a comunication gap; but that's why I'm going into IS. Computer nerds are supposed to be a bit eccentric, and if we deal better with machines than people, they can understand that... it's quite blessedly expected.

(Entry number 86 entered 16-May-1999.)

Name: Filigree
Occupation: Office Clerk (Office Work/Clerical)
From: northern CA originally; now in Las Vegas
Tell us about yourself:
I am 29, and recently graduated with my B.A. in English and a minor in Women's Studies. I put myself through school doing many types of work (mainly office, though). I interned up to graduation as a public relations writer at UNLV--I really enjoyed it, and enjoy writing/editing in general, but alas, did not find anything in Vegas even remotely related. I just accepted my current office position for several good reasons:
good pay
great benefits
small but growing company
I can dress however I like (well, it's a jeans and t-shirt kind of place, which has its own problems for those who *like* to dress up gothy), so I may not sound like a corp. goth now, but I have been one for many years.

How do you typically dress at work:
When I worked at more professional offices/companies:
long skirts (non-see through)
button or snap-up blouses (from Burlington)
chunky buckle shoes, or low-heeled square-toe pumps from Payless Shoes
rayon pants (pinstripe, floral)
long tunic sweaters (dark colors--gray, brown, black)
my interview outfit consists mainly of a straight-cut black cotton ribbed dress, just above the knee, with a white satiny jacket covered in black lace (from Burlington)
*Most* of my clothing comes from thrift stores, by the way. I had a big mental block against buying an entirely new wardrobe just for work, until I realized I could scour thrift stores for work clothing that would never get worn elsewhere.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
Well, ok, since I'm just starting out in a career, I can't state any problems as of yet, but I'm curious to see what issues other corp. goths face. (There has been this guy at work who's been commenting on my black clothing every day; I finally commented on the fact that he wears blue a lot--maybe he'll get the hint?).

My only issue right now is this jeans/shorts and t-shirt thing at work...I just wonder how far I could go with the goth look there...even as far as funky hair-coloring. For now I'm just dressing comfortably and introducing accessories, nail color, makeup, etc. little by little.

(Entry number 87 entered 16-May-1999.)

Name: T
URL: http://www.kdavison.com/GV/
Occupation: Web Systems Administrator (Internet Related)
From: San Jose, CA
Tell us about yourself:
32 (Soon to 33 -Ick!) Married, Home owner, ex-Navy ClosiGoth.
Longish black/red hair 5'10" 180, pale skin and a whiplash smile!

How do you typically dress at work:
Tattered jeans and a one of my GBOTW T's
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
Having to show the degree-toting idiots that I REALLY DO know more
than they do...

(Entry number 88 entered 17-May-1999.)

Name: Jenn the Lunamoth
URL: http://www.blood-dance.net/~lunamoth
Occupation: Registered Nurse (Medical)
From: Washington DC
Tell us about yourself:
I am 29, and a registered nurse. I work for a health insurance company as a telephone advice nurse- tech support for people. :) In my spare time, I run a business caller Spider in the Closet, making veils and hats. I love dressing up, meeting people and going to shows and clubs. Recently I have helped start a DC area weekly luncheon, which now has a mailing list. We call it the "Black Collar Luncheon Group" and plan to expand it to brunch and happy hour. I am very involved in my local scene, although I don't get out as much as I would like due to working night shifts.

How do you typically dress at work:
Usually a slightly watered down version of my normal wear- long black dresses, muted make-up, flats instead of platforms. I have many ear piercings and a few visible tattoos, and I don't cover them up or hide them in any way.
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I often feel like I am not taken as seriously as my other more "normal" co-workers by management. But generally, my co-workers are cool, accepting and love to see pix from my nights out. I am rather a bit younger than them, so sometimes i think they live vicariously through me.

(Entry number 89 entered 17-May-1999.)

Name: Ches
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/la/cypheric
Occupation: Support (Information Systems/Technology)
From: London (England)
Tell us about yourself:
21. IT contractor. People reckon I'm a goth and I certainly used to be! Write novels and short stories. Bit of web-design. Clubbing and pubbing. Script-writing. Ski-ing. (Beginning to sound like a CV, isn't it?!)
Gothwise, I started off doing both the Specimen and vamp look, but being impoverished, ended up being mostly Specimen-esque. Nowadays, moved onto cybergoth and wear too much silver and UV-glow stuff! And I've had unkempt black hair for way too long - very boring.

How do you typically dress at work:
Interviews, immaculately - painstaking application of "normal" make-up, trying to hide split-ends, leaving half-an-hour early to allow for silly shoes.
In the first month, carefully. I'm a contractor and they tend to be able to give you your notice in that crucial time. Smart suits, hide the tatt on my wrist and, though this isn't clothes, try not to look too dead on Monday.
Month two onwards, slacking. Progressively getting more and more laid back (for better or for worse). Because, by then, they've seen me in my own clothes (weekend work or casual Fridays) and because people are generally not stupid, they've sussed out my goth tendencies and watch them creep in with knowing smiles! Big fan of black suits and white shirts, but shirts take ironing so I have some lazy, casual, coloured tops. I liked the long jacket trend in women's suits but was skint at the time!
I hate shoes - how rare in this crowd! - but DMs look a tad conspicious so I've got some little chelsea boots.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I guess I feel my spirits being crushed and that I'm betraying myself and my ideals by being that which I always used to loathe.
Other than that, I don't like having to curtail my nights out, or being too knackered to go clubbing on Friday, which has led to increased use of pro-plus for the caffeine tolerant, which is not healthy.
Because I like people (see, I said I wasn't a proper goth!), I never have any problems from my colleagues or managers - I can do my job -and I'm a contractor which means my appearance matters less after time (though more initially).
I can't do weird stuff to my hair - but I'm too lazy anyway and it's not that important to me.
I've never had any nicknames. I guess I'm so self-mocking that nobody else feels the necessity! (They're more inclined to take the piss because of the state I'm in on Mondays, or my age.)
Because I'm young, people expect me to be wild and wacky, and I'm not. I'm sensible and able to compromise and very tolerant - I think this disappoints people at work (!) and isn't always understood by my clubbing comrades.

(Entry number 90 entered 17-May-1999.)

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