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Name: Marjorie
Occupation: receptionist (Office Work/Clerical)
From: California
Tell us about yourself:
I'm 24. I live in the Bay Area. I have an hour commute every morning.
I read AGF and I got paid vacation time to go to Convergence. :-)

How do you typically dress at work:
Long skirts with nice shirts or sweaters, long plain dresses, pants and sweaters
On Fridays I wear jeans and t-shirts along with the rest of the office.
I wear a lot of black, dark blue, burgundy, and gray.
I wear stretch velvet a lot, and other nice fabrics, I keep the
jewellry minimal. Earrings, 1 necklace (no chokers), simple but not
a lot of bracelets, 1 ring.
black boots, nearly everyday.
Makeup, I do the dark lips with only liner or mascara, or dark eyes, practically bare
lips look.
I did start out wearing more "norm" clothes and lighter make-up, but I was a
temp, and I'd already started subtly gothing my look at work when they hired
me permanent. I think this is good, I don't need to goth up any more at work
I look dark, romantic, but I look nice. I don't want to scare visitors! ;-)

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
Gentle teasing.
I love my workplace.
Oh and I can't dye my hair blue.
Darn. I'll just get fake hair, healthier for my hair anyway.
and I don't want any weird piercings or tattoos.

(Entry number 71 entered 20-Apr-1999.)

Name: Tom Jones
URL: http://www.xanthia.com
Occupation: Unix Geek (Information Systems/Technology)
From: Currently: Washington, DC (VA 'burbs)
Tell us about yourself:
While I wouldnt classify myself as being Goth, at least not at this juncture in my life, I find that I encorporate some of its aesthetic within my personality.

The best summation for me would be 'dichotomous'. If you look at my music collection and my desk at home (skulls, candles, etc.) and then my car (BRIGHT yellow two seater), and a bunch of other things, it's likely to give you psychic whiplash. >:)

How do you typically dress at work:
Earrings, shaved head (hey, im almost bald, so why fight it?) and goatee and whatever free clothing they give me (ie., logo tshirts and golf shirts - like i said, FREE) and black jeans or black dockers.
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
People automatically make assumptions about my private life. They assume Im far weirder than I feel.

Then again, I measure myself relative to a weird bunch, eh?

(Entry number 72 entered 20-Apr-1999.)

Name: bethany
Occupation: web site designer / producer (Internet Related)
From: england -- somewhere near London!
Tell us about yourself:
Hmm, tricky one. Don't fit in, never have. It's taken me 25 years to figure out that being a goth is it for me -- I was told very early on that I couldn't be a "proper" goth, as I'm not a huge Sisters fan -- go figure. I'm more into the literature and classical music side of things -- I sing and play the French Horn too.
Got into website design by accident (it's all a bit modern for my liking!), but it seems to be working out rather well!

How do you typically dress at work:
Smart long black skirts, black tops and blouses, black jackets in different styles. Sometimes I feel obliged to wear colours for important client meetings -- work are just getting used to me looking like a goth, so I don't want to scare anybody! I just had my hair dyed with burgundy streaks, and everybody actually liked it, but being a designer I can get away with quite a lot of eccentricities!
I tend to keep jewellery to a minimum for work -- can't code HTML when my bracelets keep catching on the desk!

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
Mainly the sales guys trying to cheer me up the whole time! I am naturally a quiet person, and I don't appreciate being hassled by people who live their lives like game show hosts. (Rant over!)
I'm well known for being a shoe-aholic, and have occasionally been asked not to wear particular shoes for work -- mainly a pair of purple snakeskin boots, and things with excessively high heels.
But as long as I dress smart, and don't overdo it on the make-up, jewellery etc, I've found that nobody minds me wearing all black and heavy eyeliner -- I think I'm a handy source of amusement in the office!
My advice generally is to keep it simple. Black is a very smart colour, and especially in an office environment like mine, you should be okay. And anyway, if you overdo it at work, what are you going to wear at the weekend?!

(Entry number 73 entered 21-Apr-1999, last modified 04-Feb-2000.)

Name: Gothique Chiq
Occupation: Analyst at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (Lab Work)
From: VA, Now Laurel, MD
Tell us about yourself:
Close to 23, Just graduated school & got back into the DC scene. Long black hair, with
2 blond part in front. (skunk girl)
Been doing some goth-y modeling now & again, and not drinking as much as I'd like
I go to clubs about 3 or 4 nights a week, go to work for 8 hours, and still manage to get
7 or 8 hours of sleep (Sarah The Magician!)
Tries to stay out of the psychodrama that abounds on our local scene.

How do you typically dress at work:
Always dark colors, xcept for my white poet's shirt. Mostly velvet, satin, sometimes
lace. Recently, I've been wearing my vinyl docs to work over velvet pants. Pants
mostly, sometimes skirts. No makeup, tho. clogs the pores

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
Mainly just the old farts who look at me, smile, and shake their heads. Most of the
people in my office tell me I am a relief to have around, cause I make life interesting.
I get some glares though. Mostly from younger people, people my age or people who
are just starting to have children. I guess that's just the point in life when you forget
what it's like to be young, and just get closed minded and frightened. How sad.

(Entry number 74 entered 22-Apr-1999.)

Name: Brad Grimes
URL: http://www.secondskin.net
Occupation: NT admin, Internet marketing consultant (Consultant)
From: Phoenix AZ
Tell us about yourself:
I am a self educated c-geek and bassist in the fairly well known
Goth band Second Skin. I'm basically hoping that we can get signed
so that I can get out of my personal lifestyle hell.

How do you typically dress at work:
I have been an odd man out for longer than I have had decent jobs.
I currently work for a non-pushy born again, but I am afraid that my 'normal'
appearance would not be very well accepted. Thus, the hair is natural (the worst part of it)
and my standard work dress is jeans (black OK) and semi-dress shirts.
I seem to end up looking completely unlike the phreak that I've been ever since 82.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:

(Entry number 75 entered 27-Apr-1999.)

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