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Name: Alissa
Occupation: Advertising Writer for Saks 5thAve. (Advertising)
From: From New Orleans, now I live in Tennessee
Tell us about yourself:
I'm 26 and have a very wonderful BA in English.
Actually, I am very lucky because I am one of the few
English Creative Writing majors, in my graduating
year, that actually got a job in the field.
I am a gutter-goth and a *gasp* lesbian. I am full-on
goth on the weekends, a goth-momma when my child is
with me and a coroporte goth 8:30-5:30 M-F.

How do you typically dress at work:
I'm pretty lucky at work. I get away with just about anything.
But, I had a strategy to make it work. For the first 6 months
of my job I wore "normal" business clothes. Dress suits, heels
and pantyhose. I wore gold jewelry, pearls, had my hair in a sweet
little bob and fit the nice corporate world.
After about 6 months, after I had wooed everyone with my brillance,
creativity and charm, I slowly started becoming my "true self".
I started slow with silver jewelry, odd jewelry..then moved to cut my hair shorter,
shaving it underneath, dying it burgundy, starting to wear heavier and
blacker/whiter make-up, and then changed almost my whole wardrobe into
dressy black dresses with gothic jewelry.
So far, so good. THis whole process took about a year of gradual change
and I have just in the past two months gotten my tongue pierced..and so
far, everything is still A-OK.
I guess my advice is go slow, try to make the "goth" look
as acceptable as possible and never-ever try to "show-off"
that you are a goth. Just be yourself and don't act you you think you
are doing anything wrong or different.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I am lucky that I am a writer and face very little problems
being a "goth". Most people I work with ARE NOT
goths but are, at least, somewhat open to the artistic
world so they accept my gothness.
Like I said, just make the transition slow and it'll all be ok.
It's not a "cop-out" to "conform". I don't feel like I'm conforming
by wearing all black, tongue pierced, head half shaved and cherry colored
even though I can't wear a collar, Bauhaus shirt or have a facial piercing.
I feel like I am balanced enough in my "inner" goth that it is OK that I'm
not "gothed-out" all the time.
Foolish mortals taunt dark fragments
My lust summons enraptured soul
Icarus grovels inner fragments
Serpents whisper dark tombs

(Entry number 66 entered 09-Apr-1999.)

Name: lostgirl
Occupation: retail slave-manager at a collectibles store (Retail)
From: philadelphia, pa
Tell us about yourself:
i'm 21 and female, who looks like a goth, but encompasses a lot more. i'm a photography student, busy working full time right now.
How do you typically dress at work:
well, i work in the land of all things pink and fuzzy ;). it's a small, family owned collectibles store (we sell figurines and plush and cards and the like). i'm fairly lucky in the fact that my job has me crawling aorund on the ground and climbing ladders and stuff, and traditional dressy retail clothes are really impractical. i usually get away with wearing khakis or nice black jeans and nice shirts. i wear a lot of black, but its usually covered in white plush y the end of theday,

the hardest thing for me is having to be conservative with my hair, but i just suck it up. its chin length, black and cut into a neat (sorta) bob at the moment. i never wear makeup to work, usually becuase im running too late....

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
i haven't found too many, except for the fact that i can't do fun things to my hair or get any facial piercings, although i do have a scaffold pierce in my left ear, and my tongue pierced, but the ear puierce is just 2 regular cart pierces with a brabell in theminstead of rings, and my tongue pierce is fairly unnoticeable. in fact, i get a lot of positive comments from my customers on it.

the rule at the store is i can try anything, but if the customers comment negatively, it has to go. however, i'm very good at my job, and i've never recieved anything but praise from the poeple i've worked with.

(Entry number 67 entered 11-Apr-1999.)

Name: Jennever
Occupation: Law Student (Legal)
From: The Midwest
Tell us about yourself:
I'm 22 years old and attend a private Catholic law school. (They gave me a scholarship...I couldn't say no.) I didn't really want to get into law, but since my undergrad degree was virtually useless and I had student loans to pay off, I decided I had better think of something to do. And law school's only 3 years. I've been into the goth scene for about 5 years or so. On weekends and when I go out I wear lots of black: skirts, dresses, jeans, whatever. And lots of makeup, especially eyeliner, and a ton of jewelry. Doesn't quite fit real well with the whole law thing, but then again neither do I. The way I see it is that my grades are excellent and I get things done. If people have a problem with my eccentricities, then they're focusing on the wrong things.
How do you typically dress at work:
I've actually managed to find quite a few acceptible outfits that I would wear both to school and to some of my less wild nights out. Black pants are always fine, and I have some very pretty jackets that are black, some crimson, some purple. (Thrift stores rock! I wouldn't be able to stand it if I had to buy my clothes at the Gap or some equally dull place....) And I always wear my black boots. My hair is very black and very long, but I usually wear it up during the day, not so much because its more conservative but because its windy here and my hair gets very messy otherwise. Jewelry and earrings seem to be pretty acceptible, although I have pushed the limits at times. (Slave bracelets don't go with business attire. Sadly.) I don't have any crazy piercings (because I'm a big chicken) but I'm getting a tattoo this summer. Tattoos are actually fairly common at school here, so I don't see that being a problem.
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I've been in situations where other students have been very consescending to me, like I don't belong here. That might be partly because of the way I dress as well as the fact that I'm a bit of an introvert. But after the initial first impressions it seems like they've gotten used to my quirks and have come to see me as a good student.
Funny thing is the first day of class there was a very beautiful girl in one of my classes wearing a Sisters of Mercy shirt. Any doubts that I had been harboring over the summer over whether I coud possibly make it here without going crazy disappeared then and there.

(Entry number 68 entered 13-Apr-1999.)

Name: James
Occupation: chemist (Lab Work)
From: Northeast Ohio
Tell us about yourself:
I am 33 years old and in addition to my work as a chemist, I am heavily involved in the music industry. I have been married (twice) and divorced (twice) but have stayed on the path of knowledge, creation and artistry. I was always a little different than everyone around me, but it wasn't until I got into college that I found a name for my strangeness...haha!
How do you typically dress at work:
Black, Black, Black. I work in a more "industrial" lab setting so very few of the other chemists and scientists wear ties, etc. Typically I dress in a black shirt and black jeans, and have even managed to get my boss to pay for big black steel toe docs for work. haha! I generally shun the standard issue white labcoat...way too bright!
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
As this page states, I have built up a respect and trust of my peers and those in higher management. Luckily, I work very little with "the public" so I am pretty much left alone to be who I am as long as I continue to perform. Again, as this page states, I know how far I can go. Nail polish is out. My hair is shorter, but changes color regularly. After some initial shock and strange looks, it is accepted for the most part. I keep some more "normal" clothes with me at work in case of emergencies. (instead of black, I keep a dark grey long-sleeve dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants.) I have on occassion, been busted with leftover makeup, liner, etc on my face after some very late weeknight gigs. Oh well...

(Entry number 69 entered 15-Apr-1999.)

Name: Kitsune aka Maria
Occupation: chemist (Lab Work)
From: Texas
Tell us about yourself:
I hate the title "goth" but It's an accurate enough description. Not your typical goth though. I'm 26 and a Libra. My hobbies include sewing, shopping thrift/vintage stores, painting, playing guitar, belly-dancing, gardening, martial arts (jujitsu &chayon ryu), running (oh no exercise!), reading books, anime, seeing my favorite bands in concert, and cooking.
How do you typically dress at work:
I can pretty much wear nearly anything to work as long as it doesn't violate OSHA rules or the safety officier's rules. We are however encouraged to dress "normal"--whatever that means.. Piercings and excessive jewelry is frowned upon and in many labs, prohibited because of possibility of becoming trapped in machinery or electrocuted.

I choose to wear mainly black but sometimes burgundy, dk green, white, navy. Pretty much anything in those colors. I used to be more Industrial looking but possibly because of the bellydance influence I'm more Exoticgoth. Lots of noisy belts and jelwelry in unique designs. Nice protective boots, esp Docs.
Can't have on too much sunscreen.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
#1 Having coworkers try to put you on the Jenny Jones show.
#2Having coworkers who put stuff in your work mailbox like "next ACS-meeting topic : How to dress fashionably yet professionally at work." Since when did the American chemical society give a f*** about what women wear to work.
#3 Stupid nicknames. you've heard them all--Elvira, Morticia, etc.
#4 Boss hiding you from auditors because he is afraid you will scare them.
#5 Coming back to work at 2oclock am and being given 40 ?s by security because you just came back from a goth event and you look nothing like your high security name badge picture.

(Entry number 70 entered 18-Apr-1999.)

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