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Name: Brian king
Occupation: service clerk/ cashier at movie theater (Retail)
From: Indianapolis, Indiana
Tell us about yourself:
Very much in the after life, goth scene,
darkness, vampires., etc
Would like to meet more people involved
Please write.
Normally dress all in black on my own time.
Goth is quite new to me, but greatly interested

How do you typically dress at work:
Normally Normal.
I do have some piercings but very un-noticable
if needed to be

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
Not many, still can't dress that way,
thats why I am writing. Would like to hear more comments. And meet more people
in the goth scene.
All responses are welcome

(Entry number 61 entered 08-Apr-1999.)

Name: Martin
Occupation: supervisor (Factory)
From: Battle Creek, MI
Tell us about yourself:
I've been into punk/goth since I was 13. I'm 29 now! Old! I have several tattoos
and piercings. I've worked for the same factory for 9 years so they got used to
me. I've dyed my hair more times than I'd like to count. I enjoy all dark things
in life and recently lost my father which gave me a whole new perspective
on what I am actually attracted to in the darker side of life. Interesting indeed.

How do you typically dress at work:
Being in a factory, I wear a uniform. Some of my tattoos show through
shirt and my sleeves expose the ones on my arms. But I still wear rings
and various necklaces. Never afraid to dye my hair or change from small
hoops in my ears to large earrings.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
I've been lucky in that being at the same company for so long, they've come
to love me for me. :) The more questions, the more friends I make. They are
all very interested in what "goth" is. I get the stereotypical questions, and that
is ok. It is not uncommon for me and some coworkers to all hang out or go
to a bar together. People have a genuine interest and it will show. And
the way one carries oneself tells it all. In fact most of my coworkers came to
my partners (I'm gay) and my ceremony we had last year! I did wear a tux,
but my skull rings are in all the pictures! :)

(Entry number 62 entered 08-Apr-1999.)

Name: Christiane Truelove
Occupation: journalist/copy editor (News/Media)
From: Pennsylvania
Tell us about yourself:
I've been in the newspaper field for 10 years now, working at the same place. I tried being and dressing like a light and happy person, but as more black crept into my wardrobe, I realized that I wasn't. Now that I've let my darker side come through, I'm much happier. The trick has been not dressing to scare the interns or the conservative editor-in-chief.
How do you typically dress at work:
Lots of black. I do wear jeans frequently, usually black thrift-store ones, because of frequent contact with printers ink and hot-melt wax used for paste-up. After I got away from home and my mom and her tendence to come at me with a bottle of blonde dye, I let my hair grow long, and I've been dyeing it red. I like experimenting with all sorts of reds, but I tend to keep it conservative. When I get dressed up at work, I tend to dress rather romantically, in long skirts and dresses, but again in black.
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
My rolling chair has destroyed my favorite black silk broomstick skirt! Actually, I have not had any "people" problems as a Corporate Goth, because I do dress and do my makeup pretty conservatively. I always have; unless I'm clubbing, there's no reason for the full eyeliner and corsets.

(Entry number 63 entered 09-Apr-1999.)

Name:  Melissa Clark
Occupation: Public Relations (Public Relations)
From: Denver, CO
Tell us about yourself:
I'm a thirty year old, single mom with a VERY usefull degree in Anthropolgy *grin*
from a relatively prestigious college. I chose the road less traveled to complete my BA.
I dropped out of high school, got married, got divorced and worked in some truley
horrendous jobs before returning to college. Althoug the freedom of working as a waitress
or in a record store does have some appeal, life in general is easier if you can keep
food on the table.

When I was younger I pictured myself as a fashionable, female Indiana Jones, now
I'm just trying to pay the bills and figure out the whole grad school thing. My passion is
early medievel Celtic archaeology but I think pursuing some kind of computer science
education is more likely to pay my student loans. I don't think of myself as strictly "Goth"
but it is one of the alternative scenes I like to explore. I enjoy the freedom of expression
typical of the scene here in Denver.

How do you typically dress at work:
I try to dress quasi-corporate with a few elements of individual style. I have to work
with the public so I am somewhat limited as far as fashion options. Althoug my
hair was blue when I originally interviewd for my current position, I had to go natural
upon accepting this job. I wear lots of long black skirts with silk tops and moderatly
funky shoes. As someone posted earlier, black clothes, silver jewelry and dramatic
make up is considered "in" right now so its easy. My co-workers think I'm quirkey and "exotic."
Like many of the other people posting, I've found that as I prove myself to my co-workers I can
push the envelope a little further with clothing and make up. The trick is knowing when its appropriate.

What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
As has been said before, its a little lonely. I don't go clubbing alot during the week
because I have to work in the mornings. In general I think that the problems I face are
typical of anyone who values self expression and fears regimentation rather than someone specifically
goth. I prefer to work for small businesses. Dress codes etc are far more relaxed working
for a smaller company than for a huge corporate monster. There is considerably more latitude
and many small businesses are better able to value individuality and recognize unique
skills in their employees. (A college degree, you think I could learn to spell.)

(Entry number 64 entered 09-Apr-1999.)

Name: Timothy
URL: http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Quarter/1768
Occupation: Retail manager (Retail)
From: San Diego, CA
Tell us about yourself:
I am a 24 year old manager of a corporately-owned pet store (one of the Big 2). In the past I have taken lower profile jobs in order to not have to compromise on my appearance. As I get older, I find that success is becoming a more serious concern. I didn't like the Top Ramen diet plan caused by my impovrished state.
How do you typically dress at work:
I am required to meet a pretty strict dress code enforced by a very straight-laced regional manager. My usual work outfit is a uniform shirt and a pair of slacks :(
What problems do you face as a Corporate Goth:
My one compromise to this point has been my hair. I have it grown well past my shoulder blades. My district manager has recently requested that I cut my hair since "I'm playing with the big boys now..." This has been a point of introspective debate for me, since both myself and my girlfriend like my long hair. I think I just have to bite the bullet :(

(Entry number 65 entered 09-Apr-1999.)

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